Dear Unknown Friend, Christian Hermeticism, therefore, has no pretension to compete with either religion, or the official sciences. The one who seeks here ‘the true religion’, ‘the true philosophy’, or ‘the true science’ will be led astray. Christian Hermeticists are not masters, but servants.

Now, Hermeticism, the living hermetic tradition, guards the communal soul of all true culture. I would like to add: hermeticists listen to – and sometimes hear – the pulsating heart of the spiritual life of humanity.

And drawing on the example of John, the beloved disciple, they do not claim to play a leading role in religion, in science, or in social and political life; but they constantly and never miss the occasion to serve religion, philosophy, art, and the political and social life of humanity, which is to say, to infuse the breath of life of their communal soul.

– Unknown Friend