Meditations on the Tarot: Structure

This page represents some ongoing thoughts and reflections upon the structure and order of the letters, as they appear in Meditations on the Tarot. This page will be periodically updated as I progress through the letters.

יהוה – The Ineffable Name of God


י – Mysticism: Le Bateleur. To Dare.

The essence of pure Mysticism is creative activity. One becomes a mystic when one dares to elevate oneself… to keep standing upright, yet more upright, and still more upright – beyond all creatures, up to the Essence of Being, the divine creative Fire.

– Unknown Friend

ה– Gnosis: La Papesse. To Know.

The essence of pure Gnosis is reflected Mysticism… Mysticism which has become concious of itself. It is mystical experience transformed into Knowledge.

– Unknown Friend

ו – Magic: L’Impératice. To Will.

Sacred or divine magic is the putting into practice of mystical revelation… Sacred magic is through and through life… life as it was before the fall.

– Unknown Friend

ה – Alchemy: L’Emperor. To Be Able.

Practical Hermeticism is alchemy… This means to say: the more one becomes truly human, the more one manifests the divine element underlying human nature, which is the “image and likeness of God”.

– Unknown Friend


יהשוה – L’Pape

The Pope is the guardian of respiration or of the reality of the relationship between day and night… between human effort and divine grace. The Pope… is the representative of moral logic. It is only that which is ideal which is true for him.